«It’s incredible that a person can be changed so much»: this woman set a goal and lost 352 pounds

As soon as she gained 650 pounds she knew she had to make changes in her life.😱😊

Meet Niki Weber. She is American and is 34 years old. She was overweight all her life she loved to eat cake and hamburgers.

The girl understood that she should lose weight but could not refuse everything tasty.

When she gained 650 pounds she realized that it was impossible to live like this anymore and she had to drop weight.

When she got so fat, she couldn’t even walk and get out of bed. She moved to live with her parents and her parents immediately told her that she would lead a healthy lifestyle.

Then Nikki received an invitation from the program. This is such a program that helps people lose weight. She had an operation, they reduced her stomach and then she had an individual diet.

She did not even think that she could achieve her goal. But her fear was in vain, she gathered herself and lost weight after the procedure of 198 pounds.

She was finally able to lose 352 pounds and now weighs 198 pounds. But of course, she is fine because she was able to lose so many pounds. Nikki still does not believe that she was able to change her life and turn into a beautiful woman.

She even met a guy, and they immediately fell in love and decided to get married.

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