It’s amazing but the magpie learned to bark like a dog to communicate with his friend

By the way, the story of their friendship is not as simple as it seems.😊😊

Probably not everyone knows that the magpie is such a bird that is able to imitate sounds. The hero of our story proved it. He began to communicate with a beautiful dog.

The bird was very small when he was found hungry in the Australian state while walking with the dog. The owner of the dog says that the dog is very afraid of birds but this time he immediately became friends with the bird.

The hostess decided to bring the bird home and take care of him, but she was afraid that the magpie would not survive because he always slept and did not want to eat anything.

The hostess always took the bird out into the street after recovery, but the bird did not want to fly away. The dog fell in love with the bird very much and even the magpie learned to bark in order to communicate with her new faithful friend.

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