To save the baby, this smart and wonderful dog led a stranger to the mountains

With loud barks, she tried to attract the attention of a stranger.🥺🥺

This story happened in the Philippines. Once a man, as always, got to mountainous places. Suddenly next to the motorcycle, there was a dog that was barking trying to explain something to him.

The man decided to leave the motorcycle and follow the dog. After a few minutes, the dog brought the man to the local dump. The man saw that there was immediately surprised it turned out that there was a baby.

The man immediately called the police. It turned out there was no problem with the health of this child.

The dog disappeared then she was found a week later. It turned out that the dog had owners.

The charity decided to visit the house where the dog lives.

The charitable foundation began to help the family because they raised such a smart dog.

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