«Their son has already grown up and he is 26»: Cruise and Kidman had a very beautiful relationship

Their love has become a real example of what an ideal relationship should be.🥰🥰

Everyone already knows that Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are one of the most famous and beautiful Hollywood couples. Their love is very sincere and proves that true love exists in the world.

They got married and adopted two babies. Their children spent a very good and wonderful childhood surrounded by love and care. But one day the couple talked about divorce.

When the boy was 6 years old, his parents divorced. Then Kidman began to meet with children a little. Several years passed, she got married and no longer meet with her husband and children. The children stayed with their father.

There are rumors that Tom’s second wife is Katie Holmes, who also did not continue to live with him. But Tom has always remained a wonderful and best father for his children. He tries to give them excellent care and love.

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