«She proves that there are no stereotypes of beauty»: the girl has a leg weighing 45 kg but she became a model

She has a congenital feature when fluid accumulates in soft tissues.😳🧐

This girl lives in America and she has a very unusual appearance. When she was born she was diagnosed with lymphedema, this is when fluid accumulates in soft tissues.

Due to this disease, the girl could not move. Her leg was very huge, almost 45 kg. The doctors could not do anything with her leg and they can only stabilize the condition of such sick people.

There were times when the girl considered herself unlucky. She was embarrassed to communicate with other people.

Strangers who saw her always laughed at her and did not want to communicate. She always believed that she was ugly.

Fortunately, times have passed and she has changed her mind about herself she already lives happily and enjoys every day. She got an offer from advertising agencies and became a world-famous model.

We wish her good health.

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