The kind man decided to build a train for rescued dogs to make them feel great

They love all trips and walks with their master.😍😊

There are people who retire and then they have more time and they do interesting things. For example, this man retired and decided to build an incredible train for all the rescued dogs.

The man says that when he felt that there are people who do not like animals, he decided to save them.

He rescued over 200 dogs at first. He built a place for dogs so that they can live peacefully there.

Then when there were a lot of dogs and the man just couldn’t walk them all. His head came up with a creative idea. He took plastic barrels and made a hole in them but then tied these barrels together.

With his act, a man gives joy to all lonely dogs. He always says that the worst thing is that he will die soon and cannot continue his good deeds.

We wish that every person loves and cares for animals so much.

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