«She is 4 but she is already known»: this cute girl with uniqueness has become the youngest genius

The story of this sweet young girl stunned the world with its uniqueness.🧐👏🥰

Once a unique girl was born and it turned out that she is the most intelligent person with a high IQ.

Her name is Alana George and she was exceptionally intelligent and has an IQ of 140.

It is known that an adult usually has 100 points. In addition, even the IQ of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein is only 160 points.

Parents say that even at a very young age the girl was interested in science and mathematics. They discovered the girl’s talent when she began to read without help.

The mother even claims that she realized that the child had talent when she was only 7 months old. She began to pronounce her first words. This is how the young beauty became famous in the world.

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