«Wonderful act of a guy»: he was able to win the world championship and founded a village for poor

The childhood of the Filipino boy passed in poverty, so he decided on it.🤗👏👏

This wonderful guy named Manny founded a village for poor people.

He lived in poverty as a child and lived in very difficult times. Thanks to the fact that he had a goal he was able to overcome all difficulties.

But he reached his goal and became a successful man. When he was little he sold sweets to earn money.

But once he decided to go in for sports. Now he became a very successful boxer and won the world championship.

He became rich but did not forget that in childhood he lived in poverty and therefore he decided with this money to found a village for poor people.

He built houses in which two families could live and these houses had two entrances from different sides.

Now he lives with his family and never forgets the people he helped.

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