«Real heroic act»: a kind guy immediately jumped into the water to save three girls and a policeman

Fortunately, at the right time, a public ten-year-old was nearby.🤗👏

Once a car fell into the river in which there were three girls and at that moment there was a guy.

The car fell into the water and before diving a little swam away from the shore. Then there was one guy who immediately rushed into the water after hearing the loud voices of help.

The boy had been swimming for several years and therefore he rushed into the water with confidence.

At that moment, the guy thought only about saving the passengers, and then the policeman arrived and saw the guy in the water.

But the policeman jumped into the water to save one of the passengers, but because the woman panicked, the policeman drowned.

Thus the guy saved both the passengers and the policeman and became a real hero for all four.

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