«Boy has the longest eyelashes in the world»: this thirteen-year-old boy is known for his unique appearance

His eyelashes grew very fast since childhood and surprised everyone.🧐😊

This boy became famous all over the world due to his appearance. His eyelashes are the longest in the world.

This boy was a record holder and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He is very famous all over the world. In the family, besides him, there are other children, but only he has this uniqueness, he was unusual.

Even at the time of birth, the doctors were surprised that he had long hair and eyelashes.

He lives as usual as all people all over the world. When he was born, the doctors thought that something was wrong with his health, but he is a completely healthy boy.

The boy loves to play sports. Especially he loves football very much. His dad says he was a famous boy in the country.

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