«Incredible love of a mother»: a unique woman 40 years pretended to be a man to work for her daughter

Devoted mothers are ready to do anything for the happiness of their children.🥺🥺

All mothers in the world are unique and special, their love is simply limitless and they are ready to do everything for their children.

This story proves that Mom is the most wonderful creature in the world.

This woman pretended to be a man for more than 40 years in order to work for her child.

She got married when she was Only 16 years old and lost her husband early. At first, she could not earn money and feed her baby. At this time in Egypt, women did not work, which is why the idea came to her mind to pretend to be a man.

With this little income, she was able to build a house for herself and her baby. Her little girl was always next to her grandmother.

She now works at the station and cleans shoes. Now it is difficult for her to wear women’s clothes.

Of course, when the secret was revealed, the authorities awarded her the «Ideal Mother».

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