«What an unusual Indian looks like»: she was the center of attention because of her white skin and golden hair

Since childhood, the girl boasted of her unusual beauty.🧐😳

Once in India, a girl named Puja was born and immediately surprised everyone. She had an extraordinary beauty.

Seeing the girl, no one would have thought that she was an Indian baby. The girl is now 24 years old and she assures everyone that her parents are Indians.

According to her, in her childhood, everyone thought that she had some kind of illness, but everything is fine with her health and she feels great.

Of course, genes may be the reason for this, and she probably received this appearance from her ancestors.

But of course, because of her uniqueness, locals consider her a celebrity. Some people think that she is not local and are glad that she knows the Indian language.

And when Indians see tourists they want to take pictures with them. That’s why she has so many pictures of different Indians.

Her appearance leads her to take a DNA test to learn more about her ancestry.

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