«30 years of life without sugar»: no one believes that a woman will soon be 70 but she looks no older than 40

Now she is an adult, but no one believes in her age.🧐👍🤗

All over the world, women want to be thin and have a beautiful figure.

They do everything to look beautiful.

This unique woman decided 30 years ago to stop eating sugar. She is already 70 but looks younger.

She looks so young that she surprised many and Dada is invited to hot TV shows so that she reveals the secret of her eternal youth.

She jokingly says that since no one believes her age, she always wears a passport for proof.

She says that she always ate all sorts of sweets, but after 40 years she categorically refused it.

This was the reason that she always goes with a passport.

According to her, sugar has a very severe effect on our body, but no one notices this, and some just pretend not to notice because it’s hard to give up sweets.

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