Teaching Cattle to Use the Toilet: A New Solution for a Cleaner Environment

The study aimed to teach animals how to go to the toilet.😊👍🐄

Scientists and their colleagues taught cattle how to use the toilet. This solution will help the environment.

Specialists took calves for training. They gave them a place and when they wanted to go to the toilet, the specialists fed them with a delicious treat.

Then they expanded the place and the calves already learned how to get to the toilet on their own. If they wanted to defecate on the way, they were sprayed with water.

Specialists took eight calves and seven of them completed the task. For 15 days they wanted to teach them how to use the toilet and this led to the fact that even these animals are able to control themselves.

The conclusion is that people should develop a urination sensor where there will be a treat.

For these animals, you need to find areas and accustom the herd to them.

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