«Beauty Victoria Ruffo is already old»: this is what a famous movie star looks like today, who is 56

She has gained many fans due to her ability to overcome obstacles.🧐😍

Probably everyone in the world watched the TV show «Just Maria» and enjoyed the beauty of the actress.

She became famous among the fans for always overcoming obstacles in her career.

She starred in a popular hit movie when she was 18. The star was so beautiful that everyone enjoyed her beauty. Her future husband was Eugenio Darbez.

They got married and soon a child was born. But after marriage, the husband didn’t want her to work in her profession. Then she realized that her husband was just jealous of her career and decided to file for divorce.

After the divorce, the actress began to freely act in films. Then she met one man and married him. They had twin sons and one daughter.

Her husband was not against her career, but she decided to spend a lot of time with her family.

Now the actress is 56 years old. But she is still a very beautiful and charming woman. She enjoys a wonderful profession and family.

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