«Girl is already an adult and famous»: even doctors told her parents to give up the baby in the hospital

The nurse advised her to just be patient and work hard.🧐

Once upon a time, a girl named Kennedy was born. When she was born, her parents thought they should leave her in the hospital.

She was diagnosed with leukemia and a deformed spine; it was difficult to live like this.

But fortunately, the mother met one nurse who changed her mind. The woman always supported her and advised her to gain strength and raise a child.

It was very difficult for the baby. When she was still a baby they put a metal collar around her neck and she had to stay in that position.

When she began to walk, she immediately signed up for a dance course, then she was offered a job and she was already happy and enjoying life.

She is already a big girl and she is always invited to different TV shows. We wish her good health and much success.

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