«Everyone probably remembers them»: that’s how the life of positive heroes from Fort Boyard turned out

Fort Boyard gained a huge audience immediately after the start of the show.🧐😊😊

There is probably not a single person who did not watch and did not like the Fort Boyard show.

There were two men Passepartout and Pasmuray. In real life, Passepartout’s name is Andre Boucher and he is already 55 years old. He even starred in the series and he has had a wife for many years.

He even has children, one of them inherited the disease from his dad. He loves to make people laugh.

Pasmuray is also a nickname, his real name is Anthony Laporte he is 39 years old he has a girlfriend

Of course a woman taller than him but this does not affect their relationship.

We wish these heroes a wonderful successful life and career and also we want to see them on television more.

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