Off the coast of Alaska, people saw a rare white killer whale that actually exists

Researchers say there are 5 white killer whales left in the seas.🧐🦈

This creature is like from a fairy tale but this story proves that they exist. Researchers say that there are very few of them left almost five killer whales.

They are almost impossible to be seen but one day a marine biologist was able to meet one of the killer whales. She immediately started filming a white killer whale and posted the photo on social media.

In fact, they are submerged in water, and it is very difficult to follow them. But due to the white color, they are very easy to notice.

Many people think that this is some kind of albino but it has leucism.

Well, it certainly was an incredible story with the creature. We really hope that this is not the last time we saw a white killer whale.

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