The wonderful and caring dog became a foster parent for cute and lonely kittens

He immediately began to lick the babies and warm their bodies.😍😇❤️

Once the girl was walking with her dog named Turbo and suddenly the dog felt something and began to behave strangely.

Victoria saw why the dog was so worried. She saw little cute kittens who were left alone on the road.

Victoria decided to take the baby home, but the dog still remained restless, as if he wanted to say that this was not the whole reason for the anxiety. Then suddenly Victoria discovered that there were several more kittens there.

Victoria took all the kittens and took them to the veterinarian where they fed and bathed these cute babies.

The dog fell in love with the kittens and began to warm them with his body.

Very cute when a dog feels such love for kittens. This story shows that love and care is the most wonderful feeling.

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