«Unknowingly the woman help the beggar»: the woman gave food to the man who was Richard Gere

She laughed at herself for confusing an outstanding star with a beggar.😳🤭🧐

Once in New York, a woman saw a man who was standing near a garbage can and decided to approach him.

She immediately thought that this man was homeless and wanted to eat something, so she went to the market and bought food for him.

The next day she bought a newspaper and read that the man was the famous Richard Gere.

For her, it was both embarrassing and funny that she confused the star with a beggar.

The woman says that there are more beggars in New York than in France, and that’s why she thought that he was homeless.

She did not know the language and did not understand what they were saying to her.

But it turned out that they were in the filming process, when the woman saw him, came up and just gave the package and left.

Everyone was impressed by the woman’s act.

She was told that it was a break and the famous actor simply did not want to change clothes and remained in these.

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