Rescue and Recovery: The Inspiring Story of a Manatee’s Journey Back to the Ocean

The animal was immediately treated to improve low glucose levels.😊👏

One day people spotted a manatee on the coast he was in a bad condition.

People immediately ran to help the animal. He got treatment because he had low blood glucose levels.

After the treatment, the manatee was already ready to go back to the ocean.

When people found him, his weight was 222 kg and now 52 kg more. Before taking him to the ocean, people fixed a tag on him to find out where he is and what his condition is.

These cute creatures almost disappear because they suffer from various diseases. And then there is a huge problem-lack of food for manatees.

When the manatee center opened people were able to save about 30 creatures.

Thanks to all the kind and caring people who were able to save these lovely creatures.

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