«Her dream did not come true»: Jennifer Aniston tried to win the heart of a man who got engaged to another

Everything seemed to go according to plan, but then he got engaged to another.😳🤔

It’s no secret to anyone that Jennifer Aniston falls in love with her colleague for several years.

When the actor was invited to shoot the 3rd season, then Jennifer was delighted. Everything seemed to go according to her plan, but she didn’t even expect that everything would end this way. The actor’s lover also knew very well that Jennifer was in love with him.

«It was an amazing Hollywood secret and Jen invited the actor to «The Morning Show» to be next to him».

Of course, Jennifer Aniston wasted her time in vain.

«It was very embarrassing for her but she tries to forget everything», said her friend of Jennifer.

It seems that something is not working out in her personal life, because this is not the first time. Some say that Angelina Jolie is also the reason for the divorce of her marriage with Brad Pitt.

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