«Unusual boy was born»: after several agencies refused him he already has a big modeling contract

Mother was upset when the agencies began to send refusals.😳🥺😊

One wonderful boy with Down syndrome was born into the world. All agencies refused to work with him, he had very good emotional qualities.

But suddenly it turned out that one agency offered them a job. Mom was very surprised and happy.

She sent photos of her son to several agencies but they refused to work with them. And the reason was that the boy had Down Syndrome.

Finally, the mom created an account for her baby and posted photos there. Then she contacted a major brand.

«We already think that in the future such children will be models in our advertising companies».

After that, the owner of the company offered the little boy to become a model. According to her mother, she did not want her son to become some kind of supermodel known all over the world. She just wanted that he grew up like all other children.

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