«They are very happy now»: young couple decided to lose 100 kg in just a year and they succeeded

12 months the girl got rid of 53 kg and her partner of 36.🧐👍🥰

When this beautiful couple met they immediately began to think about their health. And their love was the reason for this.

They were very fat, but nothing prevented them from loving each other. They did not even suspect that they could change themselves.

But already when they wanted to sleep, they almost suffocated because of the extra pounds.

They were very scared because of this and could no longer lead an active lifestyle. Then they thought about it and decided that they should lose weight. In a year the girl got rid of 53 of her partner and 36 kg.

Firstly they didn’t think about diets they decided to achieve their goal without any stress. Their food was very good just the number of servings decreased.

This is how they achieved their goal; they began to lead a correct lifestyle and simply did not eat forbidden foods.

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