«The reason for this was his fear»: this man got 864 tattoos of ants and centipedes on his whole body

On his body, there are ants, butterflies, moths, dragonflies beetles, and so on.🧐🧐🤔

There is a man in New York with the name Michael who broke the world record for insect tattoos. He is covered with tattoos all over his body. He was listed in the Guinness Book in 2021.

On the human body, there are different types of insects and even there are several spiders. He says that he got his first tattoo when he was 21 years old. It seemed to everyone that he likes these insects, but it was not like that.

«I hate all kinds of insects and there are some among them that I’m just afraid of. Some people think that I’m a fan of all kinds of spiders and other insects, that’s why I get my tattoos».

«When I walk down the street there are always people who come up and when they find out that these insects are my phobia they are surprised. But of course, there are some people that are even afraid of these drawings».

«Sometimes people think how can I live with these tattoos that cover the whole body?

And it is even funny for me. I don’t even think that someday I won’t be given a good job because of my appearance».

He became a music producer and even started his own business.

«I am sure some will understand that they mustn’t judge people by their looks».

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