«She has an unusual appearance»: a girl from China was left alone because of her appearance

Biological parents did not leave any information about their baby.🧐😳

Once in China, a girl was born who had albinism. The parents saw their baby and decided to leave her alone.

her parents did not even think that she would have such a fate, she became a world model.

The girl lives in the Netherlands. She has no melanin. Leaving their baby, the parents did not leave any information about her. She doesn’t even know when she was born.

One day, the doctors decided to take an X-ray of her hand to find out how old she was and they thought she was 15.

«Then there was a rule that one family should have only one baby. So everyone abandoned their children who had special features», the girl says.

When she was 3 years old she was adopted by a kind family and a few years later she took her first steps toward a modeling career.

«It’s so great to be special in a modeling career. There are tall, thin, and fat models in the world, but to be so special is just happy for me», says a sweet model.

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