«Real characters from fairy tales»: photographer turned all expectant mothers into Disney characters

She decided to dip expectant mothers into a fairy tale.😍😍

Pregnancy is the most important period in a woman’s life. But in order to completely plunge into this miracle, unusual photo shoots are needed.

The photographer decided to work miracles.

The girl thought to turn all expectant mothers into a cartoon character and that’s how beautiful she did it  The young mother turned out to be in the role of Cinderella and the whole scene was like in a fairy tale.

But another time she got the image of the Disney Ariel. And now her pregnant heroine wins the hearts of Internet users with her image.

Then she got an image of Princess Jasmine.

There is no person in the world who probably does not know the cartoon about the princess and the seven Gnomes which is about a beautiful love story. That’s why a great photographer chose this look.

And here is the image from the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast” that taught everyone to love not the appearance of a person, but the soul.

And some of the people have chosen for themselves the images of a warrior. And of course, the most beautiful and unique in these photos is not their image. The most important is their smiley faces because they know that sweet babies live under their hearts.

Photos coming soon but now with newborn babies.

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