Rare Sighting: White Killer Whales Spotted During Whale-Watching Tour

Experts believe that the white color indicates leucism in killer whales.🧐😳

When the whale-watching tour took place, people found many beautiful white killer whales.

They say that one of them was seen there a few years ago, but now she is not alone.

They swam with killer whales with unusual coloration.

This is of course the consequence of leucism. Sometimes it is considered as albinism but with leucism, the color is completely different.

However, there were times when whales and killer whales remembered fairy tales. There are 5 such white killer whales in the world.

At first, it was not clear why they are spreading so widely in the world, but scientists say that this may be due to the fact that the number of whales is declining.

Something good must be done for them to help them.

This is of course a genetic disorder. But this is the reason why we notice some of the unique killer whales in the water.

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