«For 40 years in the forests»: this woman fled from people and has been living like ancient people

The woman realized that she wanted to settle away from the city and live in nature.😳🧐

A woman named Lynx has become known for her unique behavior, she lives in conditions that not everyone would live in such a way.

She was born into an ordinary family, and when she began to study botany, she realized that she loves nature very much and wants to live outside the city. Finally, she decided to make her dream come true.

She began to live in extreme conditions. She always got her own food, like all ancient people, she hunted various animals, picked mushrooms, and berries, and live like this until she was 46 years old.

When she received an inheritance, she bought a large plot for herself and began to live there.

She even dresses strangely. She always wears animal skins and sleeps a lot in the forest. She is already used to it and has become a completely wild person.

She even collects tourists and organizes various tours. She explains to people how a person can survive in the wild.

For some, it is a very interesting and unique experience. They find food as she has done for years. And of course, some of them believe that she has gone crazy.

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