«Became a real hero»: a boy with Down syndrome conquered the whole world by saving two drowning girls

That day there were waves and the current pulled the children deeper and deeper.🥺🙂👏

Once a boy was born with name Valerio, he had Down syndrome. When he was three years old he started swimming because it would improve his health.

He not only learned to swim but also participated in the Olympics and achieved success. Once he with his family went to rest on the beach.

They were enjoying the weather until two little girls were in the water and couldn’t get ashore. The boy and his father, seeing this, immediately jumped into the water.

The father saved one of them and the boy managed to save the other. He trained all his life and swam very well. He was able to keep the girl above the water and saved her life. They pulled the girls out and everyone began to applaud.

Upon learning of this, the Minister of Sports presented the boy with Down Syndrome with a medal. Not only parents are happy, but also everyone who knows this wonderful story and this good boy.

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