«Baby surprised the whole world»: this child was born with thick hair and this conquered everyone

When the boys were finally born all the doctors were surprised.🥰😳❤️

This baby surprised everyone with his birth and even the doctors. The mother of the kid says that every day she styles her son’s hair with a hair dryer.

In fact, even during pregnancy, when the mother did an ultrasound, she was told that the baby has hair. And this was the first reason that the doctors thought that the baby would be a girl.

«My boy was born and immediately surprised the doctors he had a wonderful appearance and luxurious hair», said the mother.

When they go for a walk all the people approach and pay great attention to this little one. The boy’s mother says that every day she washes his hair and dries it with a hairdryer.

«It’s simply impossible not to dry it with a hairdryer because the hair will stand on end. The boy himself loves his hair very much and always touches it with his fingers before going to bed», said his mother.

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