A unique cat with an interesting mustache won the hearts of people and became a star

This fluffy cat with a fancy mustache lives in France.😊😊

Cats are wonderful creatures in the world. They always surprise us with their behavior.

This cute cat has a special appearance and wins hearts. He lives in France in a family where another cat lives.

Thanks to its antennae, the cat has several thousand subscribers on social networks. After his account was hacked, the owners created a new one.

In addition to appearance, the cat has a good character, he is very energetic and loves to play. In general, he does not want to remain calm and jumps back and forth.

He likes to sniff all the dishes to see if there is food for him or not.

The strangest thing he likes to do is chew his sponge, and the owners always hide it.

But the other cat was alone until another cat was brought for him. They immediately got close.

He was very small when they brought him, so the cats immediately became inseparable.

Such cute creatures live among us.

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