Blind dog finally left the shelter, but with his cat friend who never leaves him alone for a minute

The most common cat volunteering to be a guide for a dog.😊🐶🐱

In Canada, the strangest and cutest couple a dog and an ordinary cat lived in a shelter.  They were always together because the dog was blind and the cat became his guide.

Even at the moment when they were taken from the shelter, they came to each other and the cat did not want to leave the dog. The volunteers saw that they love each other very much, and the cat always leads him to the safest places.

So beautiful when a cat always used some kind of sign: a short purr or a long purr. And when the moment came when they were to be adopted, there was no other choice than to take them together.

When their photos were posted on the Internet, everyone wanted to adopt them and finally the best owner for this couple was chosen.  Now they know perfectly what kindness and human care are.

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