«Strange decision of a girl»: a Japanese girl spent several thousand dollars in order to look like an anime

A resident of Japan posted a video on the network about changing her appearance.😳🧐🧐

It so happens that there is almost no girl in the world who completely loves her appearance.  They sometimes want to change something about their face or figure.

Some girls do plastic surgery, and some of them do cosmetic procedures.  But sometimes it happens that girls do not like their faces at all, and they want to change it completely.  Here is a girl from Japan who did it.

Of course, it’s almost hard to believe what she was like before and what she is now. Her subscribers even thought that it wasn’t her at all, she posts a photo of another girl.

But now the Japanese woman looks like her dream-anime and the girl does not look very bad.

Of course, she never hid that she spent so much money on her dream.  She completely changed her face. But now she thinks about the figure.  She began to play sports and eat right.

But now she wants to achieve her dream to change her figure.

She shows her subscribers, her every step, what was she before and what is now.  She now feels much more confident and lives joyfully and happily with her new face.

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