«What is the reason for his weight? »: this little boy always wants to eat and weighs like an adult

By the age of 5, the boy weighed 80 kg almost like an adult man.😱🧐

No person wants to be overweight, this is a difficult problem. When a person has extra pounds, it always threatens his health.

The hero of our story is one little boy whom doctors cannot help. He lives in Brazil and has a unique appetite.

He wants to eat every minute, when he was one month old he immediately gained 3 kg.

When this boy was five years old, he already weighed like an adult.

Many doctors examined the boy and the conclusion was such a rare genetic syndrome.

Children who have this rare syndrome want to eat every minute and they get fat.

The scary thing is that no one knows how to help this boy.

Parents are always sure that there will be doctors who can help their boy, and that he will finally live as all five-year-olds live.

We certainly wish good health to this boy.

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