«She had problems connected with weight»: here’s how the girl who weighed only 23 kg has changed

There is only one thing missing: a perfect figure.🧐🧐

All the girls in the world want to be a model and look great.

This unique girl has a beautiful face, a sweet smile, and shiny hair. But where is her ideal figure?

Girls think that in order to be a model they only need to lose weight. First, they reduce food, and then they drink only water and do not understand that this is not possible. And they can’t even stand up.

That’s what happened to this girl named Xenia.

The girl decided to become a model but began to lose weight and look like a real skeleton.

She began to ask people for help because she was already in a terrible state. Her height was 158 cm but weighed only 23 kg.

Xenia couldn’t move. The problem was very serious and doctors should do something about it.

When her weight was 48 kg, she really wanted to become a model. She thought it was a lot to make her dream come true.

At first, like everything, she began to eat little, then she drank only water and everything ended badly.

Xenia felt happy until she started to faint.

Fortunately, the doctors helped her to continue to live. The girl gained weight and began to feel better.

Xenia’s story ended happily, she returned to normal life again.

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