«Age difference in their love»: this couple has a 45-year age difference and this is how they raise their son

The young wife gave the elderly man a son.🧐😊

Young Stephanie married a man who is older than 45 years.

Of course, this is a big difference, but they live together very happily and consider that these years do not bother them at all. The young wife became pregnant and gave birth to a son for him.

They do not pay attention to any comments and live a wonderful life.

Their first meeting was in one of the cafes where the girl worked. It turned out that the girl was a classmate of the man’s son.

At 70, this old man looks much younger.

His malty appearance is probably the result of love because he has a young beautiful wife.

When they met, they immediately fell in love with each other and quickly got married.

Of course, especially the girl’s relatives did not want her to marry this old man, but when they found out that she was pregnant, they could not say anything.

You can’t live with stereotypes.

The girl says that she is often told that she is wrong, some say that there is no love here and she got married only because of money and so on. It’s hard for her to hear all these comments and she doesn’t want to lose her family.

The girl understands that when the boy grows up a little, it will be hard for his father. They always take beautiful photos to have wonderful memories.

The most important thing for them is love in the family.

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