«What she did do with her? »: people did not really like the new appearance of Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex looked completely different from what we are used to.😳🧐🧐

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the UK two years ago.

But of course, everyone continues to discuss everything that spouses do.

Here is one example that happened during a basketball game, everyone began to discuss their photos. And the other day, footage from the Ted Talk show appeared.

Meghan was not in the studio, but she recorded a short speech.

Nobody could almost recognize the Duchess because she didn’t look like herself at all. She used to love to wear elegant looks.

Journalists say that the reason for the fact that for some time she did not appear in public is all sorts of cosmetic procedures.

«A unique, independent, self-confident woman», says Sarah Vine of the Duchess of Sussex.

All users of social networks noticed the unusual appearance of Meghan. They are sure that in addition to cosmetic procedures, she also did plastic surgery.

Some didn’t even like her face.

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