Unique man loves to hug lions and play with tigers every day and makes money

The couple spends most of their time with the most dangerous beasts.🤗🤗

Among all the dangerous animals there are some that people can be friends with and can play with.

Their beauty surprises everyone and no matter how much one wants to get close it is still dangerous.

However, it is very easy to do so for Armand Gerber and his wife. The couple spends their time with the beasts of the world.

They run a wildlife park with lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs.

The man says many of them stay in their care. Armand is very happy to work there…

According to Armand, these animals love to cuddle. They always play with a caring person.

Armand understands predators can be dangerous, but he loves his job anyway. He believes that if you communicate with them with care and love, they can’t hurt you.

Some say Armand is playing with fate, but he works with great pleasure and loves big cats!

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