«Interesting news from Cameron Diaz»: the star said that she was no longer washing her face after giving up a career

She told how much her attitude to herself has changed since then.🧐🤔

For many years, everyone wanted the famous Cameron Diaz to be in the films and she was a demanded actress.

But to our surprise, the actress decided to give up her career and be happy in her personal life. Her husband is Benji Madden.

Once she said: «It is very difficult when you compare yourself with other women with unique beauty. In the past eight years, I have stopped paying attention to myself».

It can be seen that the actress does not pay much attention to her beauty routine. And such a life for her is even more pleasant.

«It doesn’t matter to me. I can say for sure that the appearance is in the last place for me. I don’t even think about it», the actress admitted.

She stressed that she does absolutely nothing to maintain her beauty.

«Even the fact that I stopped washing my face is normal for me», said Cameron.

She always says that she has a lot of cosmetics, but she never uses them. According to the star, now she pays attention to completely other things.

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