«Confidence after a child»: Irina Shayk says that she became more confident after the birth of the baby

She became much more self-confident after she gave birth to her daughter.😊🥰

Beautiful Irina Shayk became well-known after modeling and this year she is one of the most demanded models. For this reason, she appears on the cover of many magazines.

Here was released Harper’s Bazaar, a model of which was Irina.

After the photo shoot, she frankly admitted that she became much more confident after her daughter Lea was born.

«Everyone knows that I have never been so self-confident. I just learned to love my shortcomings. Everyone should love herself. My daughter is the reason for my self-confidence. She says: «I love dad, I love mom». And then she says that he loves herself», Irina said.

Shayk raises her daughter so that she has beautiful human qualities and not just a beautiful appearance. And according to the model, the grandmother played a special role in her development.

«She always says kind words, that’s what real beauty is», says Irina.

This is how motherhood changed her.

«To be a mother does not mean to refuse yourself in everything. You can and need to publish a hot photo on social networks», Shake added.

Since the beginning of her career, all her fans believed that she was completely different from the fashion model.

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