Caring dogs were able to save the life of the woman, staying next to her until people come for help

Four Rottweilers saved the life of an elderly woman.😳😊

Many people are sure that the breed of these dogs is very aggressive. But few people know that the Rottweilers are very smart and kind animals. This story proves.

Dogs saved the life of an elderly woman.

Once David Malt went for a walk with four dogs. David decided to go for a walk with their dogs at 1 a. m. because the neighbors consider this breed hostile.

Then the school courtyard was open, and the dogs immediately ran there. Dogs saw a lonely woman who trembled with her whole body.

She was very scared and did not even make a sound.

She disappeared for 15 hours on a frosty winter day. The dogs turned out to be so smart that one of them stayed with a woman, and did not stop barking until people come to the rescue.

Seeing the poor woman, David immediately called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, everything ended well.

Thanks to this, the dog for saving their lives.

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