Once one soldier saved and sheltered a cute dog and a year later they finally reunited

It was very important for a soldier who has served in Iraq for more than a year.

Nick Pierzchalski is a soldier serving in Iraq.

His responsibility was the lives of many soldiers. He loved animals very much and never left cats and dogs in a helpless state.

Once, to help the homeless puppy, he decided to adopt him.

The whole team belonged to the puppy with love. They fed the dog every day with their food. And the name was given to the dog in honor of the name of the food-Airys.

When Nick had to say goodbye to his beloved dog, he knew that he needed to officially adopt him. But delivering a puppy in the United States was a very difficult task and therefore his dream came true only a year later. The dog finally reunited with its owner.

Nick was so grateful to everyone and never thought that it would happen.

Now Airys is happy with his master.

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