«He decided to retire»: the decision of the talented and famous actor Jim Carrey upset fans

As it turned out, the 60-year-old actor decided to retire.

It is a fact that every person in the world knows the actor Jim Carrey. Everyone loves him.

He played in different films «The Mask», «The Truman Show», «Yes Man»  and many others. It is very difficult for everyone, especially for the actor’s fans that there will no longer be films with his participation.

The actor decided to retire. «It was enough», Jim said.

«I enjoy my quiet life. I like to draw on canvas», he added. But it may be that he will be starred in the new film.

«If, of course, suddenly I was brought some script written in gold ink, then everyone will see me again in the film. But I’m taking a break», Jim joked.

He added to everything: «I’m going to present unusual works of art» All fans are looking forward to the masterpieces of celebrity.

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