«Actress surprised fans»: the famous star Alyssa Milano showed how she looked before her career

Alyssa decided to tell the followers about what they did not know anything about.

Many people know the series «Charmed». Three actresses who played the roles of sisters, after that became famous stars.

Alissa Milano was among them and the beautiful star said that before she starred in the series, she really began her career in the entertainment industry as a singer. Nobody knew about this.

She managed to release several musical albums. Then she changed her direction and began to actively act in films.

When she showed her old photo, few recognized her in this.

«I had a platinum album. But I had so many opportunities for self-expression», the celebrity said.

«Seriously, is this Alissa? I didn’t even recognize», «I recently reviewed the «Charmed», but in the first photo I had difficulty recognizing you», the fans are surprised.

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