A Rare White Lion and Tiger Form Beautiful Couple and Have Adorable Liger Babies

There are only about 1000 ligers in the world, but only they are white.

Here is the most beautiful couple of lions and a tigress.

They are different types of cats but made up a beautiful couple together.

In the world, white tigers are about 1200, and white lions 300. These are the reasons for great joy when in 2014 they formed a couple.

In the same year, they had 4 small ligers! Such unique animals are very cute, and they are the only ones all over the world! There are not many of them in the world and the number is about 1000 ligers.

6 weeks passed and each of them weighed almost 7 kg. They grow very quickly. Maybe they will once become the largest cats in the world!

The uncle of these babies is the biggest on the planet and weighs 420 kg.

In fact, Ligers are unique hybrids! And these wonderful super-big cats can be rightly called one of the magical miracles of our planet.

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