«What it is like when your dad is a pilot! »: The unforgettable emotions experienced by this pilot’s girl are beyond

This is how a pilot’s little daughter reacted to her first flying in the sky: Video

Flying on an airplane or helicopter is something wonderful and breathtaking for some, and shocking for others. It goes without saying that for pilots’ families flying in the sky is something usual. While there are those who experience panic attacks.

All in all, our perception of flights is generally formed when we are still children and when we first realize the delights as well as dangers one may experience in her life.

Everything changes when your father is a pilot like in the case of this little cutie. Here she is while experiencing her first flight organized by her father.

She seems to fully enjoy her time rather than be afraid of heights or possible risks. The emotions she experienced during her very first flight definitely won’t be forgotten for the rest of her life.

Are you afraid of heights and flights?

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