The family celebrated their puppy’s 14th birthday in a unique way

Our pets just need our attention and love

The family of Terri Christopher considered adopting a new dog after losing an important member, their beloved pet. They went from Florida to Alabama to adopt a sweet dog named Dakota and he became their new family member. The sweet dog was very happy living with his new family and exploring the world, but his beloved place is the beach. As it was his favorite location the family considered taking him there to celebrate his birthday.

The owner of Dakota named Terri told, that it appears like Dakota knew how difficult times they went through when he was a little baby. She has always behaved like a big dog.

Dakota’s birthday has become a very important occasion for all his family and they wanted to show how much they love and respect their puppy. And Dakota adored being in the middle of attention. The owner told, that they have always celebrated his birthday in a unique way and most of all it was at the beach. He starts to feel special on his birthdays and it becomes clear day by day.

And as he gets older the family wants to do everything to make him feel special and loved as it has become difficult for him to go to the beach.

And this year also they wanted to do something special, so they made an adorable sign and put it on their car’s passenger door showing people it’s their pet’s 14th birthday. Out pets just need little things to be happy, you only need to celebrate their birthday. Dakota was absolutely happy.

The owner told, me that last year it was their dog’s first vehicle trip and he absolutely liked it.

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