«In a family circle! »: Here are funny photos showing fashion designer Beckham on vacation taken by her husband

This is what Victoria Beckham looks like on vacation in the eyes of her husband

As we all know, a couple of David and Victoria Beckham are one of the strongest, most exemplary, and most beautiful ones today.

The loyal fans of the famous spouses were delighted with the recent vacation photos the family shared. They were swimming, sunbathing and fully enjoying their time in a family circle.

It is worth mentioning that the fans highly appreciated their honesty to show their lives as it actually was. The couple was also caught in awkward moments giving the true portrayal of their enjoyable vacation.

Many wrote that if their husbands or boyfriends posted such awkward shots they wouldn’t ever forgive them. Meanwhile, this seems absolutely okay for this couple. They have nothing to hide from their followers and show their lives the way it is.

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