Always smiling puppy. The rescuers were in love with his appearance

A puppy with an unusual appearance, but a clear heart

All dogs deserve to be loved, but sadly many of them couldn’t receive the needed love because of their health state or unusual appearance. Such dogs are often abandoned and forced to survive by themselves.

Kaley adopted the puppy and named him Chupacabra or Chupey as a Mexican mythical monster. Kaley worked in puppies rescue and has never seen such an unusual puppy.

Chupey has an unusual appearance. He has no fur, very small eyes, curved ears, and big teeth. He seems as if he is always smiling. And thanks to the smile Kaley became amazed by the puppy and considered adopting him.

Later it became clear, that the reason for his unusual appearance is an additional piece of a chromosome. But the dog’s spirit didn’t change because of his appearance.

Chupey has always been a playful and friendly puppy, who adores his owners and also behaves perfectly well towards other dogs. Kaley has many puppies, so Chupe has always been friendly with other puppies. Now three years have passed and Chupey hasn’t changed. He is Kaley’s daughter’s best friend and also a very supportive advocate for dogs with an unusual appearance. Isn’t it adorable? Just look at the sweet baby.

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